Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Lingering New Years Goal

I had such high hopes last year when I announced that we were going to finish every little nagging detail which made our house incomplete.

Our list of 97 projects seemed attainable.

But since all work and no play isn't what this stage of our life is about, I'm not going to kick myself for failing to achieve my New Years goal of 2015.

I rode Cloud; travelled to NYC, Seattle, Nashville, Baton Rouge and New Orleans; took a cruise with my cousins; had countless dinners with friends; played bridge (a lot!); read some amazing books; worked at the kitchen shop; gardened; tutored at the elementary school; hiked; happily entertained houseguests; and drank quite a few cups of coffee and tea out on the back porch.

It was a good year for living life!

Getting over half (barely) of our list of projects done was "Lagniappe" as we'd have said in Louisiana.

I'll admit it.... our projects take so long because we're ridiculously anal about perfection.
Here's an example:
(yes, he's wearing a headlamp)
It took me days and days of searching the internet to find these pulls.

Then figuring out precisely where to place them on the dining room cabinets took us hours!

And so did the meticulous measuring and leveling.
but they're perfect and we're happy!

As of January 1, there were still 48 items left lingering on the "Projects" list.
That's a lot but I'm ever hopeful....
We're setting our sights to finish it totally this coming year.
We did mark off 49 last year;  we got halfway there!

Hanging on are a few difficult ones but the pantry and garage doors are the only true giants of the list.
I'm sewing challenged so the various curtains on the list are looming like specters in the shadows of my mind.
Some things are eluding me:  there's a perfect light fixture out there somewhere in this world for the front porch that is as difficult to find as the Holy Grail!

Wish us luck!  But whatever happens, we'll be finding time to smell the roses along the way!


  1. The cabinet and those new pulls do look great together, so kudos to you and Joe! It was so nice to catch up a bit on your blog today, Grace. You are so right about this stage of life being less about work and all about fun things. We still have our unsold VA home, but really finding so much more to do in NH. The library here is terrific and I have read so many books last year, bith hardcovers and ebooks.

  2. Very beautiful pulls! So glad you found them.

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