Monday, November 2, 2015

Things I Didn't Post About in October

A few things that I left out in the October posts...

  • Way back in the spring, we said goodbye to Carter as he left for another summer as a guide in Alaska.  He's now back in the lower 48 and staying with us for a while as he figures out what he'll be doing next.  I'd about gotten used to cooking for two, so he may starve during his stay!  
  • Sarge's injury meant we couldn't go camping on one of our planned weekends so at the last minute we volunteered to be hosts again for a Parents Weekend fundraiser:  Habitat Hotel.  We had a lovely W&L Mom of a Freshman who stayed with us for two nights in exchange for a donation to the local Habitat for Humanity chapter.  Thanks to about 50 hosting houses in the county, the Habitat chapter raised over 13K pure profit in one weekend!!!!
  • VIPs from Louisiana came for a repeat visit!  
    Sunset Dinner on the Porch
We had such fun with Charles and Brenda!

Barboursville Winery           
Winery visits .....
Barboursville House Ruins
I hate to admit that we went to the Trump Winery
but it was close to our day trip to Monticello 
and the scenery was gorgeous.
Technically it's The Donald's son who is the absentee CEO
but despite the fact that the sparkling wines were good, 
I couldn't quite bring myself to buy any bottles!  
View of vineyard from the Tasting room Patio at Trump Winery
We forced Brenda and Charles to sit through a lecture I wanted to attend at W&L, 
so then we toned it down a little and brought them to the Safari Park....
Yes, the camels really do steal the feed buckets
Yes the animals really do get close!  
The floor of the truck is still swimming in spilled feed pellets!

  • It took a while for the elementary school's bureaucratic wheels to get moving, but I finally got started with reading tutoring again.  I had my fingers crossed that I could be matched with the same second grader whom I had last year, and I was!!  He's a terrific kid.... and he's making mind-boggling progress!
  • We enjoyed beautiful fall day out one Saturday.... a trip to the barn, 
loading up on pumpkins for the porch at Swishers, 
an hour or so at the Wade's Mill Apple Butter Festival.  
Stirring apple butter over a woodier in a copper cauldron

Wade's Mill 
Followed by serving as hosts 
for a Newcomers Dining Out dinner at Emilios in Staunton.  
Perfect day!  
  • And then scads of other "littles".... Oktoberfest at McKethan Park, planting 30 new plants for the garden and hillside, working on that pesky house To-Do list, Bridge (the game we never stop learning!); music performances (Symphony fundraiser, Sonokleet Jazz, and Chanticleer) and some riding.  
Sarge is continuing to improve and we're hopeful that he'll be back to his old self soon.  
I'm ponying (leading) him alongside Cloud, but we haven't had him carry a rider yet. 

  • And finally the world didn't fall off it's axis when I attended a yoga class last week!  Hard to believe I know!  We'll see if I'm motivated to keep it up!

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  1. Good to have family back in the nest. Hope Sarge recups soon!
    Love your photos! Youngest attended Lynchburg College so I'm acquainted with that beautiful area.


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