Monday, November 9, 2015

"The List" and What To Do With An Unwanted Wire!

My first post of 2015 
was about my New Years Goal to get the house finished.  

Shortly after I wrote that post,
Joe and I walked through every room of the house
plus made a circuit outside
writing down each thing that we needed to do 
in order to consider the house "finished."

Lest you think it was a small handful:
there were 97 items on our list. 
Ninety seven.
We could easily have probed a little deeper 
and rounded it out to an even 100
but 97 was where we stopped.

When they hear about "the list",
it becomes apparent that many of our friends are "enablers!" 
They tell us,
"Oh, you're never truly finished with a house."

I'm not believing it..... 
sure there are some unforseen repairs and changes on our list
but the bulk of it is unfinished construction details
or delayed decorating decisions that have drug on way too long!!  

We're almost at the halfway point of whittling down the list. 
We've completed 46 projects/jobs since January.  

Here's a one that we completed last month in the laundry room.... 

There was supposed to be a shelf above the laundry sink,
but while the carpenters were here, 
I was too busy painting and staining to make a decision on what kind of shelf to buy or have built.  

This is what we've been staring at since moving into the house:
a beautiful tile backsplash 
ornamented by a metal junction box 
covering up a hole and wire.

Now isn't that sort of pitiful?

Step One was to take the junction box off to see what kind of hole we were dealing with....
Thank goodness our tile installer had made as small of a hole as possible!
After a few more weeks of thinking, I had a plan!!!
I'd spent a lot of time researching under shelf lighting strips, 
so it was difficult to finally admit that the best choice of shelf
involved NO lighting.
So the wire had to go.
It was secured to the studs in the wall so there wasn't any pushing it back.   

Joe double and triple checked 
that he'd disconnected the wire from any existing lights and the wall switch.  
Then took a few deep breaths 
and cut off the wire even with the tile.  
He lived without even a tingle!

Part Two tomorrow!

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