Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dealing with a Problem- Laundry Shelf Pt Two

The hole in the wall couldn't be patched.  
We don't have any more whole tiles so cutting the tile out 
and replacing it wasn't an option.
Something was needed to cover up that hole.... 

Every choice I thought of for shelf material
seemed wrong and clunky until I thought of a glass shelf!!

There's an internet vendor for everything: to the rescue.

We measured and marked and then set about drilling into the tiles for the brackets.
My job contribution was misting the drill bit and wall with water 
to keep down the heat during the drilling.  

This is the bracket that is covering the hole...
it was just wide enough to allow the wire hole to be straddled by the two toggle bolt screws
and exactly tall enough to span the gap of the hole.    
 Shelf up!
Hole hidden!
Perfectly centered on the sink and brackets evenly spaced!
And best of all it looks really good and not like a patch job....  
I finally found a spot for my father's brightly colored Navy certificates:
one for crossing the Equator, another for being the first group at Ellyson Field NAS and the third for crossing the International Date Line all as an aviator during WW2.
Forty seven projects done!


  1. Yay for finished projects! Ummm. How many to go? Although if you are like us, we add more than we cross off the list.

  2. Glad to "see" the results of one more completed project, Grace.

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