Monday, October 12, 2015

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

One of the things on my To-Do list for this trip to NYC
was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Since I am a tourist when in NY, 
I see no shame in acting like one!
Asher was a sport and joined in on the walk
even though it made him look like a tourist too
instead of the metro-wise local resident that he is....
(I'm just now seeing that we have similar taste in sunglasses styles!)

We took the subway from Manhattan over to Brooklyn 
so that we were walking back toward the city 
and had the NYC skyline ahead of us the whole time.

The bridge has been open for over 120 years (1883)
and was the world's first steel cable suspension bridge
.....previous suspension bridges were built of iron.
The two gothic towers which hold up the cables 
have a cathedral like appearance....
what a struggle it must have been to lay these huge granite blocks....

At the time of it's completion, it was the world's longest suspension bridge; 
it has been way eclipsed now and ranks as 91st in the world.
It was a fun mile long walk....
bustling with people...
the day was clear and the weather couldn't have been finer.
To set up the following story: 
Lexington is a town of about 7,000,
the surrounding county is about 35K, 
NYC is just a tad larger.... oh around 8.5 million!  

Lexington is a minuscule drop in the ocean of humanity.

But look!!
Who's that coming across the bridge 
wearing sunglasses?
Fellow church members and bridge players 
from tiny Lexington.... 
Frank and Cecile.  
I didn't realize that I'd snapped their photo until I got home, 
but as soon as they came alongside us, 
we of course recognized each other. 
and stopped and chatted for a while. 

This was done in true Lexington fashion: 
we messed up the progress of other walkers 
across the bridge in much the same way
that we routinely clog the aisles of our local Kroger ..... visiting while we shop! 
Ahhhh what a lovely small world we live in!     


  1. I have only walked across the Brooklyn Bridge once, Grace, so thanks for the trip back down memory lane. Looks like you had a fantastic weather day too.

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