Saturday, October 10, 2015

NYC Part Two

Bronze doorway leading into the narthex of Trinity Church

We repeated a few of our usual tourist activities:
walking in Central Park
and along the length of the High Line,
plus spending a morning at the Met.
Panorama of the skyline from rooftop of the Met

With Asher and Chris... Roof @MMA
But over our 5 day visit,
we got in quite a few firsts also....
Each restaurant we ate in was a new one for us
and unfortunately since Asher picked them all
and served as our walking navigator,
I don't remember the name of a single establishment!

We met Chris' parents for the first time
and were treated to a meal at their lovely apartment in the city.

We'd never to the MOMA before....

                                                            We took our first Uber rides
                                                       (our first Lyft rides were in Seattle.)
BTW, I checked my phone app
upon our arrival home....
no Uber cars in Lexington yet.

And of course I saw a Pope in real life for the first time!

We spent an afternoon at the 9/11 museum.  

From the outer fountains and memorial,

to the preserved portions of foundation
and displays within
it was a remarkable tribute to those who died on 9/11
in NYC as well as DC and PA.
The setting and the displays were both 
instructive and sobering.  
Since our return,
I've been surprised by the number of people
who've told me that they don't want to see it,
.... don't want to be depressed etc.
All I can say is "Go anyway."

I was relieved that I didn't feel that I was being mawkish
or disrespectful.  
The afternoon reminded me that 9/11 wasn't just a national "event" 
which altered our political course and attitudes
but a human tragedy on an intensely personal scale affecting individuals and families.  


  1. Thanks for sharing your NYC tour and photos. I haven't been to the city for a few years. I especially like what you've shared from the 9/11 Memorial. It appears to be a beautiful memorial to those who died- look at the white rose someone left! It's nice to have a personal tour guide as you've had : )

  2. I remembered the WTC as they were and have not returned to NYC in many years, but if I were to return would go to pay tribute as well.


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