Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Fall Ride .... Our last for a while?

The day before we departed for New York,
we trailered the horses over the the National Forest 
and had a lovely 8 mile ride.
We've been enjoying mapping out more of this sections of the forest
in the Maple Flats/Coal Rd area.  

This was our first time to come upon this particular "vernal" sinkhole pond...
Doesn't Cloud seem to be saying,
"What??  Are we back in Louisiana?"
It does look a bit like a swamp!

The leaves beginning to turn
and the horses were perfect
After I snapped this photo, Joe saw the stick stuck in Sarge's bridle... what a sweet horse!  
For a little while we were bushwhacking around,
trying to connect two trails 
which dead end at the forest border
in order to combine them somehow to make a loop.  

Using our GPS's we were trying to be careful not to wander onto private property.  
In most areas there's nothing to give us a clue, 
but I got a kick out of these opposing signs....
Hmmm don't want to go left onto the Hunting Club property!
Better stay on the "safe" side.  

Speaking of safe...
You never know what you'll come upon out in the woods.  
This sign looked a little bedraggled from the recent rains; it hadn't been there the previous week.  
Who would post a sign out in the woods?....
Maybe a lost dog?
The East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Association??
"We believe in educating the public to bring awareness of whats really hiding among us all"

I couldn't have made up such a fantastic sign!

If Joe and I roust up Bigfoot on a ride, 
you'll all be the first to know!  

Unfortunately the day we returned from NY,
Sarge was found to be lame.
He's not telling us what happened, 
but at age 19, we're a little worried.  
We've cancelled our plans to go back to the Flint Hill Trail Ride 
at the end of the month 
and our fingers are crossed that he'll be sound again soon.  


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