Thursday, September 10, 2015

Seattle Sights

It was a grand week in Seattle!
The first question most people ask was
"Did it rain?"
So let's get that out of the way!
There were a few brief sprinkles but nothing that required a raincoat 
or that lasted more than a couple of minutes.
Notice the brilliant blue skies during our harbor tour! 
One of the best things we did 
was to participate in two small group walking tours 
given by the Seattle Architectural Foundation.
Each tour lasted two hours and was a total bargain at 15.00 per person.
The first tour focused on ornamental elements of various downtown buildings
and was also a great historical overview of Seattle's history.  
Raeanna was working for our first tour,
but was able to join us two days later for the second which focused on 
the history of numerous significant or unique buildings.  
 We couldn't have found a better way to spend two hours 
getting to know the downtown area.  

I visited Experience Music Project
shortly after it opened in the early 2000's and it was just the EMP.
Now it's EMP and Sci-Fi and Pop Culture (which mostly means video games and cartoons). 
During that first visit Carter wasn't with us and I kept thinking how much he'd enjoy it.
I can't hear Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn or Jimi Hendrix 
that I don't think of him and his high school guitar playing years.
He'll be visiting Seattle himself this week and I hope he gets to spend an afternoon there.  

The addition of the Sci Fi and gaming exhibits didn't 
earn any brownie points with me,
perhaps that means I'm an old fogey
and time marches on! 

Although it was mostly a week of touring, playing and eating, 
we tackled some odd jobs around the house and tried to be useful. 
A kit from an auto parts store and a new cordless drill enabled us to perform 
the most impressive, astonishing DIY of the week:  
clearing the yellowed....totally yellowed...
 headlights on Raeanna's SUV. 
Who'd have thought such a crazy method (power sanding) would work?
No photos of the headlamp restoration but here are a few more from the week..... 
 Seattle Part Two (or is it Three) to follow 
when we will see how much pie four people can consume in one week! 
Hint:  It's a lot.   

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  1. We will have West Coast grand babies around the same time. Wish they lived closer.


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