Saturday, September 12, 2015

Seattle Sights (Food!) part two

More than a little eating went on during our trip.

Italian, Afghan, Pizza, Clark's homemade Kombucha, seafood, salmon....

Din Tai Fung had some crazy delicious foods and a kitchen viewing window;
dumplings were made so fast 
that it looked as though they were rolling and crimping at 2x fast forward speeds!

And then there was pie....
Oh, the pie!
I need to go back.

A few days before our trip, 
we accidentally turned on a PBS show called A Few Good Pie Places
.... a drool worthy hour long visit to you guessed right: a few good pie places.

If you could watch without craving pie then you're not human.
One of the seven featured shops was a cafe in Seattle;
A la Mode Pies Cafe on Phinney Ave in Seattle.

So don't you know we had to find it?
They only sell pie (with or without ice cream) and coffee
but we each had quite a struggle deciding which choice to make.

Can you tell that each piece is about a sixth or so of a whole pie?
No skimpy pieces here!  They're huge!
Toasted Coconut, Spiced Apple, Peach and Mexican Chocolate!

The pregnant lady threatened to claim them all as we were getting settled but we fended her off!
And then two days later....
Why mess with success and order dessert at the Italian restaurant where we'd just eaten dinner
when there's PIE, lovely pie across town???

We headed back to A la Mode 
and got slices to go and eat at home during our evening domino game..... 

We ordered our four huge pieces to go
 and they gave us three slightly smaller (aka normal sized) pieces for free.... 
Three for Free!
What's not to love about pie.... especially free pie!  
Guess we made an impression with our effusive glowing pie love!

Final Seattle memories in the next post
 and then it's back to Virginia life!


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