Monday, September 7, 2015

Biggest News Yet?? Seattle

The last time that we saw these two
was in New Orleans. 

We the drove down and were treated to an amazing stay 
at Brenda and Charles' condo in the French Quarter.

We ate, and ate and ate, shopped and relaxed; 
but mostly we were there to applaud as Raeanna was awarded her medical school degree!
Graduation was mid-May and last week we flew out to visit at their home in Seattle
where Raeanna has begun her first year of residency and Clark is finishing up his Masters degree.  
What a difference 3.5 months can make!
 A new job thousands of miles from New Orleans and.....

Do you see us standing next to our youngest son, our lovely daughter-in-law and our grandbaby?

They sneakily made the baby announcement over lunch at graduation 
in the form of a slightly belated mother's day gift.... 
a Washington and Lee newborn onesie.  
It took about 5 seconds for the news to soak in 
as I pulled the tiny cotton baby wear out of the box!  
Too bad nobody got a photo of my delighted face when I finally realized what they were telling us!

We're tickled pink (or blue) as the case may be.... 
the gender will be a surprise for everyone when he/she arrives in early December.
The next time we see them will likely be after the first of the year, 
so they'll be old hands at parenting by then.

Feeling the baby move was a highlight of the trip but we managed to fill the week with a few other sights and experiences!

More on that tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on another new adventure- a grandchild!!

  2. Congratulations! That is quite exciting news.


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