Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bad News For Birds

For a year now, we've enjoyed watching birds at the back yard feeder station.
Yes, I've become my mother!

The pole is about 15 yards from the corner of the back porch
and I put special thought into buying an 7' tall official Squirrel Buster pole.  

And it's worked like a charm....
no squirrels.
But bigger pests never crossed my mind.  

What a sight....
All 5 of the feeders torn from the pole.  

Torn to smithereens...
Two hauled into the woods to be chewed open and snapped.  
It was a sad day for birds....
But a good day for a bear!

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  1. Nice to see your recent posts, Grace, even if I have lagged a bit in blog reading. Too bad about the feeders­čśŽ


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