Friday, February 6, 2015

Louisiana Travels Part Two: "Home?"

I enjoyed every minute of my trip back home to Louisiana.

OK.... Honestly I didn't miss the Baton Rouge traffic and it has been ages since I've seen men walking awkwardly holding their baggy pants with their underwear showing.....

But those two things aside, it was good to be hanging with friends
Vern, Ada, Me, Suzanne and Matt
as well as family (although once again I didn't pull out the camera to get photos with Randy).
Yearlings at Ada's Farm
I brought home a roll of  fabric which I hope to turn into draperies for the dining room (it may be a major leap of faith to hope that my long dormant Home Ec skills will be able to pull this project off!), a few Christmas presents for next year (yes, I'm thinking ahead) and a sack of about 25 grapefruits picked in Suzanne's backyard.
Even though I was in little Bernard the Mini, I could have fit in much more for the return trip,
but it wasn't tangible items that I'd returned to Louisiana to fetch....
I wanted to tuck away some new memories.

Podcasts filled the hours of the uneventful return drive
and before I knew it, I was greeted by the lights of our house on the hill, a smiling husband and delighted pets.

To people who have moved often in their lives this may be a no-brainer, but I had a revelation on this trip and it's that I can now say the word "home" to mean two different places!  Semantics is important to me and when we first moved to Virginia, I thought that I had to quit referring to Louisiana as home.
I had this idea that Virginia was now my home.... the only home.

But now I realize that I didn't need to have create such a black and white distinction.

Of course, home is where the heart (or is it hearth?) is,
but can't it also be where the heart (or hearth) was.

This might make sense only to me:

I'm glad that I went home and now I'm glad that I am home.  

Fred the Donkey at Ada's


  1. Hi Grace, so nice to read this follow-up to your back home trip. Yes, I do know what you mean about calling places home and we have several: there's our native NJ where we have returned to visit family & long-time friends (most recently was in Dec, sadly for my mother's funeral). There, there is the VA eastern shore where we lived for 12 years and currently we have relocated to NH . . . so we have several places to call "home."

  2. I've had these same thoughts about having multiple homes! I have two "homes" as well. Sometimes I feel torn between both places and at those confusing times, I feel like I have no home, like I don't belong in either place. It's a little hard when both places are so culturally different as New York and Virginia, or Louisiana and Virginia. I suppose it makes us versatile.

  3. Oh I bet it felt good. And yes... home can be several places.. where you feel at ease and enjoy your surroundings. That's home.


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