Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another Project Finished!

The frames of the cabinets arrived like this
and have lived in the basement all this time.
Joe's job of assembling the cabinets went much faster than my painting.

Finally the doors were finished and it was time to bring them upstairs,
level and make them look like built-ins.
Drumroll ...... time for the grand reveal.....
Soooo much better not seeing a gaping hole with stacks of plastic storage tubs
We're both proud of how nicely the top piece that matches the crown molding came out.
And Joe obsessed over the side trim that joined the boxes to the walls,
but did such an excellent job that they look for all the world like master cabinet makers built them in.
Now I can hide the big basket of ironing!
And I unpacked my hardanger and hand sewing....
who knows maybe one day I'll take it up again.
There were over NINETY things on our To Finish the House
"punch" list and we've whittled it down by about 12 completed jobs so far! 


  1. You've done such a nice job with this house, start to almost finish. Love your choices, every one.

  2. A very professional job, indeed, but then just another one added to those already completed and all looking wonderful.

  3. I See you used Barker for the cabinets. What did you use for the trim? Did you order any of the crown molding pieces from Barker?


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