Friday, January 23, 2015

Spice Drawer Rehab

 We came up with a massive things that need to be completed or started in the house. 
Some are daunting (the pantry and garage doors) 
while many are small details like a couple of missing door stoppers.  

This is one of the littler manageable ones,
but even I'll admit that this post that may have you thinking that I need to join OCD Anonymous. 

Lurking behind inside this seemingly neat corner by the stove
was my mess of a spice drawer.
A jumble of tins and bottles sliding around
and stacked 2 deep on their sides 
since the bottles were 1/4" too tall to stand up in the drawer.
Not awful but the containers were stuffed in willy-nilly.  

Last summer I saw a Brother labeler on close out and bought it planning to get organized.  
It's been languishing in it's box ever since but finally got to see the light of day!  
I don't know when I've seen such a lame excuse for an owners manual, 
but eventually I got a the better of it and was able to churn out some labels 
for the spice drawer rehab.
Meet the players:
a few large glass jars with seals for large and bulk spices, 
tins with clear lids for easy pinching of leafy herbs, 
and glass bottles with removable sprinkle caps the right height to stand up in the drawer.

With the help of a coupon and sale, my World Market purchases came to about under $50.

The garage may be a wreck but the spice drawer is perfection!  

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  1. Hi Grace, I really like your spice drawer make-over. We have limited kitchen space in the NH apt, so our solution is a multi-tiered wire rack hanging in the pantry. Only drawback is having to open the pantry door to find the spice(s), so I generally get them before prepping a dish. Your bottles are so neatly organized, it made me very envious.
    And, yes I can understand how it could take you a couple of years to finish projects as it has happened to us...and still does.
    Happy New Year to you and Joe!


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