Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Goal #1

It's true confession time. 
We live in a gorgeous home....
But we did what we said we'd never do:
we didn't finish it.  

In our defense, the construction drug on and on .....
and on and on....
We were working until the wee hours each evening painting, sanding and sealing.
When we finally moved in after 20 months, 
there were still major chunks to finish 
and we planned on getting to them soon.  


Instead I forgot all about my paint brushes 
and we've been enjoying life.  
If any friends or visitors noticed the unfinished aspects of the house,
we honestly didn't care.   

And while we still don't worry what others think,
it's finally begun to bother us.

So stand aside for New Years Goal #1:
We're going to finish this place!  
There are several big projects and quite a few nagging little ones.

On New Years Day, I got reacquainted with these old pals....
In order to tackle the unfinished area that's been bothering us the most:
the laundry room!

The combination of slate and glass tile behind the sink, 
the big window (ignore the lack of curtains)
and the terrazzo floor make it a bright cheery space.
But isn't something missing?
Cabinet doors and drawers?
(also ignore the junction box on the backsplash) 
The pathetic thing is that for over two years, 
we've had rest of the cabinets down in the mechanical room.
We ordered them from Barker Cabinets in Oregon; 
custom made but knocked down 
and ready to finish and assemble on site.  

During the final stages of construction,
our carpenter assembled the sink cabinet
so that it could be tiled in and plumbed.
I painted the side panel and this is the way its been....
for TWO years!!  
It took the better part of a day to 
find all the parts
and remember which 
paints, primer, sandpaper and brushes 
were the correct ones to use.  

Darned if I even had a hard time remembering what the paint color was supposed to be!  

Status for the week:
two coats of Bin Primer with a sanding between each coat,
followed by a coat of  Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo 
thinned with just a bit of Floetrol to minimize brush marks. 
Tomorrow I'll put the second/final coat on the front faces!  

Knobs are on order and after a few days curing time,
the drawers and doors will be ready for Joe to attach.  


  1. I just read an article in Yankee Magazine .. where the house is almost complete, like yours... but they've decided for now.. it's Done Enough. They are busy living, like you :-)

    LOVE THAT FLOORING!!!... Granite? Tile?

  2. I don't think you ever actually finish working on a house. You just stop until something demands your attention.


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