Friday, January 30, 2015

More Laundry Room and a Painters Holiday

The spices took an afternoon,
but the laundry room cabinets are still a work in progress.  

They come looking like this 
and with the magic of a few screws....
The insides are pre-finished perfectly and left plain, 
but I paint the front edge so that it matches the overlay doors. 

There will be three sections stacked, joined together and screwed to the wall.  Filler pieces affixed to the sides will make it look built-in and there are several shelves for each cabinet.

This is the view toward the laundry room from the sofa area of the den.  
I usually keep the pocket door closed 
because of the stack of plastic bins and tubs that have been towering in plain view behind the hole.
It won't be long before the door can stay open to show the cabinet!
Joe is working on leveling and screwing together the sections 
and who knows maybe he'll knock out something else on our list, while I'm on a "painter's holiday"!
Road trip! 
Off to Louisiana!!!!!


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