Friday, January 30, 2015

Louisiana Travels Part One

I was sure that I'd clicked the button to publish yesterday's post but apparently it went to drafts instead!  SIX days ago!!!  

I've been tooling around Louisiana for a week and am just getting a minute to sign onto Blogger. 

I'm back in LA for the yearly gathering of girlfriends at Carol's camp which has become an every other year event for me.  2011 was the last time that I was still living in Louisiana and could make an easy 45 minute drive to attend.  Since then I've missed a year  (2012-due to house construction), flown down in 2013, and missed last year (2014).   

The lower cost of gas and plans to linger longer in Zachary and Baton Rouge made driving the best way to get there this year and besides I was looking forward having the luxury of  some hours of reflection while driving.  

I was ahead of schedule to arrive at the camp so made a stop in Jackson MS in order to pick up a few groceries at Whole Foods, wander in my favorite southern bookstore “Lemuria” and buy bread from Broad Street Bakery. 
During my  first visit to Lemuria in the 80's, I bought Carter a book about Lego's;  and now he's in his mid 30's??!!  How has so much time passed?  

The camp is just over the Louisiana border south of Woodville MS.  When I arrived it was chilly and damp but the drizzle that I'd been driving through all day had finally stopped! 

I had to laugh when I made my final turn and looked at the road sign that greeted me.  It wasn't a "Dead End" as far as I was concerned!  It should have said "Friends Ahead" or "You're Here!   I'd gone more than 900 miles and about 1/2 mile past the dead end was the place I was heading for!
No cell service, ensures that the “Girls” Retreat/Reunion remains a true getaway.  

Everyone takes turns preparing a meal….

Sunrise over the pond…..

View of the camp from the pond levee

As you might expect there's a lot stories shared and plenty of considerate listening.

I’m honored to be a part of this unusual gathering of women. 

Three days at the camp passed quickly and it was time to get back in the car.   My plans to visit our former church and the cemetery in St Francisville changed.  Rather than take a nostalgic and perhaps sad trip down memory lane at my parent's graveside, I instead went straight to Paige’s.  

How best to describe the next three days? 
Talking and eating!  We had a lot of catching up to do and plenty of meals to do it over.

But like a dummy, I didn't think to snap any photos of the two of us or even one of the pets.

Sometimes I'm so caught up in a moment that it never occurs to me that it will end, or perhaps I was in a food induced stupor; but either way, photo taking never entered my brain except for this one moment when I wanted to brag to Joe via a text that I was eating a Jay's Po-Boy!

Likewise I didn't take a group photo at dinner with the Steibs or Williams. 

I'd a lot rather have some photos of dear friends than one of a sandwich. What was I thinking?

More to come...... 

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  1. The trip sounded like a wonderful time and not having cell phone service is not necessarily a bad thing. The weather looks like it cooperated as well and the outdoor scenes were lovely.


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