Saturday, January 3, 2015

Holiday Summary!

I’d better write something 
before GoDaddy and Blogger decide that I’ve died 
and give my domain name to a Capital Hill newspaper!

Is it possible to do a summary of the past weeks?  

Bridge games and dinners with friends have been numerous.
We've tried to balance that with outdoor activities such as 
slaying the nasty autumn olives that are taking over our woods
and riding and hiking.  
Friday Hiking Group
End of the Hike to Devil's Marbleyard
View from the base of the Marbleyard
One sure way to get Joe to go somewhere is to offer food.
He doesn't often come hiking, 
but was lured in by Alan and Debbie's soup party 
after the short hike to Panther Falls.
Panther Falls
The house is getting old enough that there have been a couple of repairs.  
One was a doozy:  replacing a lower post on the rear of the house. 
About to start framing and jacking:  Notice the spiral twist to the nearest post?
We had hoped that the gentle twist 
which began shortly after the house was built would stop, 
but it continued until it began to impinge on the integrity of the upper post 
and general support for the roof.  
We were nervous as cats during the 10 days it took to get the job done,
but it went off without a hitch.  Phew!  

Three “F’s” (Family, Friends and Food) 
were the theme of our trip to Louisiana for Thanksgiving.  
We crammed every minute with visiting (and eating). 
With Randy and Carol
You'd have thought we were feeding an army!
We never made it up to the northern part of the parish 
since we stayed at Randy’s house in South BR.  
However, I’m already planning a return trip for January 
that will include St. Francisville and our old stomping grounds in Zachary.    

There was music in the air at the end of 2014!  
We enjoyed a date night at a Catie Curtis concert in Harrisonburg, 
Lessons and Carols at W&L,
and the highlight of the Christmas social scene:  
The Four Piano Monster Singalong at the Krantz'. 

Sometimes I think we're crazy but we're still at our part time jobs.
Giving tours at Lee Chapel for Joe 
and working at Ladles & Linens (the kitchen shop) for me.

And of course Christmas!! 
We weren't able to share the holiday with Owen, Kathleen or Chris,
but who knows maybe next year will have us all together?

 The newest "tradition" of each family member 
planning and cooking a meal at some point during their visit went splendidly again!  
Carter made a chicken mole that was out of this world, 
and Asher prepared Pastitsio (a Greek Noodle Casserole) 
which not only tasted delicious but made the entire house smell heavenly.  
Clark and Raeanna made several awesome meals 
(Butternut Squash Enchiladas was an especial favorite) 
during their Advent visit.  
Owen even mailed in some Pralines which he made from my father's recipe. 
 I enjoy cooking so I'm pleased that 
“The apples didn’t fall far from the tree,” 
as the saying goes! 

Clark and Raeanna flew in from Washington state for a week pre Christmas.  
They were sweet enough to tag along with my Friday hiking group
and lower the median age substantially!
Clark and Raeanna hiking to Crabtree Falls
And of course I was delighted to spend time with Carter and Asher Christmas week!
Me with Carter and Asher.... dropping Asher at the C'ville train station
So that was the end of 2014.... time to move forward!  

Resolutions for this year? 
I’ve always been one to prefer the subtle difference of “goals” rather than resolves.  

I’ve settled on two goals for 2015 
and I'm already making slow painful progress on one of them!

I'm going to do my best to post again tomorrow but it isn't a sure thing.

Sadly the internet on the hill is kaput.
Oh for the good old days of unlimited cable! 

The only drawback to having young holiday visitors 
who are tethered to their various Apple phones, iPads and laptops
is our resultant “throttled”/nonexistent internet 
which now requires either buying more bandwidth 
or making the trip into the town library!

But seeing family at the holidays:  Priceless!! 


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