Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Charlottesville Artisans Studio Tour

A great time was had by Joe and I at the Charlottesville Artisans Studio Tour!
Forty artists were displaying at 22 studios.  

It was a sunny clear day and the drive along the various country roads was beautiful; 
Atta went along so we didn't need to hurry home.
(Her Highness Noel was the guard cat at home).

Although we arrived at our first studio close to opening time on Saturday AM, 
we had only managed to tour a small handful of the
 studios by closing time at 5pm.   
Bowls turned from a Thomas Jefferson era Tulip Poplar that had stood in front of Monticello
After a good nights sleep, we got a second wind 
and decided to make the drive back over the mountains 
to continue seeing more of the studios on Sunday. 
I'd assumed that I might have worn out Joe's shopping tolerance but he was game for more.  :)
With an early start, we were able to visit seven more studios
stop in at Albermarle Ciderworks for a tasting, make a quick foray through one antique store
and finally enjoy a night out for dinner at Bella.  

How anyone can coordinate seeing ALL of the studios is a mystery!  We saw only 15 of the 22!  

In the end, we bought ourselves a new bowl from Nan Rothwell,
a case of Albemarle Ciderworks hard sparkling cider 
and found several Christmas presents. 

All photos above were from Fred Williamson's beautiful studio
His bowls are like no turned bowls that I've seen before.... outstanding!

To see more and read about the pieces made from Thomas Jefferson planted Monticello trees, go to his website


  1. That looks like a wonderful studio tour! So glad you were able to enjoy it. Thank you for sharing it.

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