Thursday, October 23, 2014

Repeat Visitors!

It was shaping up to be a busy fall with company 
due to arrive in a steady stream for a few weeks.  

I found the motherlode of local pumpkins at Swisher's Market
and had bought about ten beauties for the porch

I'd hung up the witch mobile and put out the Halloween/Fall decorations
in preparation for the next wave of guests.  
And then I think word may have gotten out about us!

First our W&L parents, Emma and Steve from England, emailed to say they weren't coming.  
They had stayed with us last year as part of the "Habitat Hotel" fundraiser 
and were looking forward to returning but family concerns 
made them cancel about 2 weeks before they were due to depart.  

The very next morning Cathy and Otto called 
to say that the second half of their trip had fallen apart 
so they wouldn't be coming.
They'd cancelled their airline reservations and car rental that morning
and were staying at their second home down in Florida.    

It had been a year since their last visit, 
so after a day of moping around on both my part and Cathy's, 
our dear friends got in the car, 
drove 12 hours north and came anyway.  
Cathy had an aching back so we didn't do any hiking,
I tried unsuccessfully to make a chiropractor appointment for her
and had to resort to medicating her with an occasional bourbon cocktail.  
She's almost more stubborn than me!

On the way to the barn one afternoon, we stopped by McCormick Mill Day.
The demonstrator for the lathe thought that he'd never get rid of us.  
Once Cathy got the rhythm of pumping her leg and holding the chisel, 
she was ready to keep turning all day.  
A British car show in Waynesboro 
kept Joe and Otto happy 

and made me wish we hadn't sold our Triumph before the move.  
Now it's up to me to prove that the road goes both ways 
and get down to Florida!


  1. There is a tool shop in Roanoke that gives classes in wood turning. I want to learn to make bowl from the trees on the property. We should take a class!

  2. Grenville would have been rightbthere with your friend, Cathy, waggling for time on that wooden lathe. He would proably have biven the demonstrater a tip or two.


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