Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guests On The Hill

The guest room has been getting a lot of use.....

In early fall we hosted our first "famous" guest on the hill!
Steve Katz who was playing at a Krantz music party,  
accepted our invitation to spend two nights with us.  

Steve was one of the founding members of Blood Sweat & Tears 
and has recently finished a memoir about his career.  
He was a delight to get to know, 
and listening to him in concert was an experience I won't forget. 

He interwove stories about the beginning of his musical career, Greenwich Village 60's memories, and his more recent musical interests with songs that reflected each of those segments of his life. 
Dave. Steve and Linda
His recollection of the evening that he accidentally slammed Eric Clapton's fingers 
in a car door gave me shivers though!

I'll be looking for his book to be released in the spring. 

You never know who's going to turn up in this town!
A corner of the Krantz Music Room
Famous musicians and then not long after Steve left, 
I had some REALLY special VIP's......

My brother, Randy, and my sister, Carol, 
came for their first Virginia visit!  

Nobody knows you like your siblings.... 
or at least they know you in a way that no one else does.  

Funny how I still can feel like the "little sister" at times even though I'm an old lady!
I can't express how good it was to be able to see both of them again. 
Lots of reminiscing happened out on the back porch!
Good times, but I think I wasn't alone in missing our mother and father. 

I managed to get several good photos of our next guests so I'll give them their own post.

I could kick myself for not taking more photos of Randy and Carol!
Too busy talking I guess!  


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