Thursday, October 30, 2014

Flint Hill Trail Ride Part Two

After our short ride on Friday, 
Cloud and Sarge lugged us around for 18 miles on Saturday and another 12 miles on Sunday.

This was Cloud's first outing with lots of other horses 
and her first overnighting at the trailer.  
She handled everything like a seasoned pro 
and was a delight to partner with all weekend.  
The ride was a "go at your own pace" event, 
which meant that the trails were marked but you did your own thing either riding alone
or with a group of your choosing.  

The signs, ribbons and map were easy to follow.
It looks like Cloud and Sarge are reading the sign in the above photo! 
There were various options for loops and with the mileage available, 
that meant that we rarely saw other riders
and there was no bunching up or "nose-to-tail" riding.  
The lunch stop held out on the trail was a welcome break 
about halfway through both Saturday and Sunday.  
We rode into a clearing and were surprised to find 
that ride management had set up picket lines in a treed grove 
and erected a food tent 
where hot BBQ sandwiches, cole slaw, chicken chili, lentil soup and more
were dished up by kind volunteers!
I could get used to this kind of service!

Probably 3/4 of the trails were woods trails 
that popped out onto unexpected vistas 

and gave us glimpses of mountains through the trees.
This area with it's 4' high stone walls stretching as far as you could see
looked like a scene from the rural British Isles.  

At the end of each day, after getting my sweet mare rubbed down, 
fed and groomed, 
I was ready for some relaxing myself. 
From the weather to the people and from the food to the trails, it couldn't have been a finer weekend. Our rating of the Flint Hill Ride was a perfect 10!  


  1. love that stone wall and it does look like a perfect trail ride.

  2. Enjoyed the photos and commentary, parts 1 and 2, from your ride, Grace. You did have great weather and even better views and nice to be high up riding to see them.


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