Saturday, October 18, 2014

Back again!

I said a little prayer when the Blogger window actually opened without asking for a password or saying that the blog had been disabled.  It's been way too long.

My last post was about Cary's visit .... and he's been back for a repeat trip since then!

Why I can't manage to get a post knocked out, I don't know.... lately it seems that there's always something else demanding my attention.  And then there's that nasty habit that I have of wanting to do a worthwhile post; something with a stunning photo or grand words of wisdom.

Oh well I'm back at the keyboard again and unfortunately there will be no award winning photos or Pulitzer quality writing to be seen on this page today.   :)

Since mid August there's been a harmonious blend of daily routine (working at the shop, cleaning the house, chores around the property etc) with the special (house guests, travel, hikes and new experiences).  

But what's happening today?  Joe's at Lee Chapel all day giving tours and I'm about to go ride my wonderful little mare and then cook a supper that I hope we'll be able to eat by the outside fireplace.   The washing machine and dryer are running, Noel and Attagirl are keeping me company as I type, and I've got a cup of hot tea here on the desk.  The normal rhythms of a quiet life: dailiness.  Is that a word?  Since spellcheck didn't turn it red, then I suppose it's okay.

Somehow, miraculously perhaps, dailiness manages to incorporate change.  I spent a few hours last week packing away my summer clothes and saying hello to my corduroys, fleece pullovers and coats as they emerged from the storage boxes.  Sweater weather aka Fall has arrived and with it came not only the cool nights and changing leaves but slow subtle shifts like the unique angle of sunlight on the mountains and the disappearance of our summertime Blue Ridge haze.  

My delight in having Blogger allow me to start a post might be premature.  As I've been typing, dire warning pop-ups (highlighted by a grim looking red box) have been giving me the news that "an error has occurred" and my post isn't being saved.

It could be that my visit to the barn will be delayed while I try and coax Blogger in to publishing something again.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Grace, nice to find this first of several recent posts. I do know what you mean about not finding gime tompost when life seemingly gives you other plans. We too have become much less regular about blogging because of lots of other things, mostly related to downsizing "stuff." We are planning to relocate to a smaller place, unlike when we moved to VA from a smaller go larger home! As far as those blogger errors, I have noticed that they display whenever I try using Internet Explorer to create a post vs. Using Google Chrome. Welcome back!


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