Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Visits from Family are the Best!

We went for a 5 mile ride on the horses at the barn this morning.  
It was pretty eventful since we got caught in a torrential rainstorm.  
We made a mad dash across the fields to a run in shed in one of the empty pastures
 but too late as we were already soaked to the bone!
Earlier in the ride we were treated to a close up of a bald eagle as it took off
right above our heads and soared out over the lake!  

I'm still playing catch up and needing to post about Clark and Raeanna's visit last week.

Another advantage to the move to Virginia 
is that Clark is occasionally having friends getting married in town (his college town) 
So coming back for weddings becomes even more attractive 
when you've got a place to stay and family to visit!

Clark arrived first and my youngest was a sight for sore eyes
when we picked him up at the Charlottesville airport.   

Raeanna arrived several days later from New Orleans 
and I snapped this photo of them before they left to attend their friends wedding.
It had been 18 months since I saw this lovely young lady!  
I sure do love both of them!

Raeanna was only in town for the weekend.....
(one of these days Med School will be over!) 
But Clark was able to stay for a few more days.

When I found out about a new pick your own blueberry place, 
we were all game to go get a few pounds for the freezer. 
The last time I picked blueberries was with Paige in Ethel (LA)
It was hot, hot, hot!
This time there was a breeze and none of us even thought about breaking a sweat.
And the views.....  

We did an awful lot of tasting and eating 
while we picked 
as there were multiple varieties which tasted quite different.
All delicious!
It looks like Joe is trying to decide what flavor notes he's detecting.....
We may have set a record for fastest pickers at the place....
the owner hadn't seen anyone determined enough
to strap on their picking pail with a belt in order to use both hands!  
I had enough for several batches of blueberry-lime jam,
some blueberry-basil vinegar which is still steeping, 
two tarts and numerous bags of loose berries now frozen!


  1. Nice photo of family, loved the pink bowtie as well! Never been berry picking, but looks like your pickers did great and what you did with the pickings sounded even better, Grace.

  2. Love it! What a wonderful visit. Sad I missed the blueberry picking but like you said, it'll be over someday!


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