Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cary's Visit

In the course of emails that went out detailing a high school reunion,
I learned that one of my fellow U-High Cub classmates had moved to Virginia
We corresponded a few times
about how we'd each wound up leaving the Baton Rouge area.

Cary and I were both "First through Twelfth Graders".
Meaning that we'd been at U-High aka LSU Laboratory School for all twelve of our school years.
There were about 25 of us (one classroom) during the elementary years
and then in Seventh grade our world was rocked with the addition of 30 new students.

When you know classmates that well;
endure the chaos of having your classes filmed,
break in eight new student teachers each semester,
acquire your first LSU ID card as a 6 year old
and attend school across the street from Fraternity Row,
you've got a weird sort of set of common life experiences.

So although we hadn't been in touch for almost 40 years,
it was great fun when Cary stopped by for a few hours on his way north one morning.
(No this isn't Joe but they look a bit like brothers!)

It was fun to reminisce,
but even more interesting to learn what he's been up to since graduation.

It boggles my mind to think of how lives intersect and connect.
From the days of stacking cardboard blocks
and working the abacus in Ms. Edwards first grade classroom,
we've each transitioned, detoured and changed in a myriad of ways.

Yet here we are a thousand miles from our childhood homes taking a photo together....
all grown up now (some might say we're old)!
With kids of our own, spouses that we love
and no worries about acne or getting dates to prom!
Every day is a little miracle isn't it?

Anybody else coming through?
I keep coffee on the counter and cold beer and tea in the fridge.
plus the guest room is always ready....
unless somebody else is already in it!


  1. What a fun visit! My elementary school kept my group together through 6th grade. I would love for some of those "kids" to come for a visit!

  2. Don't you love when that happens? What a great reunion! Thanks to FB I do see many of my old classmates online, but a real visit such as this is wonderful - I bet he admired your views as much as I do :-)


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