Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yes, We Still Have Horses!

Isn't this a cute face?  
 I haven't written about the horses in ages 
and the honest reason is that we've been neglecting them.....

I'll clarify that:  
the horses have been well taken care of by other people
while we've been absentee owners
paying the bills and not involved in TLC. 

We're boarding them over 30 miles away;
and all winter and spring,
we've always had a reason (i.e. excuse) 
why we weren't making time to get up there and see them.  

It's been a case of out of sight,
out of mind.

We'd begun talking quite seriously 
about selling them 
and then Cloud came up with a method to get me re-involved. 

She got caught up in a fence about 6 weeks ago,
 cut up her back legs 
and then got a secondary skin infection going on both back legs.
There's nothing like a crisis 
(or mini-crisis in this case)
to pull someone from apathy to action.

Dutifully I've drug up there every other day,
rain or shine, 
work or not 
and washed and treated her back legs.  
The barn manager is doing a great job also 
and takes care of her 
every other day when I can't get there.

Now that the swelling on her legs is down,
I've actually dusted off my saddle and begun riding again!
 After the Fourth of July Parade,
I headed up to the barn and made a few loops around the lake.  
(Joe was home mowing and getting ready to take charge of the inflatables)

 The property is small enough that I feel okay about riding alone
(someone will find me eventually if I take a nosedive).

After working up a little sweat, 
it was back to the barn for a shampoo
and leg/wound scrub...

Clean, medicated and ready to turn out for the night!
I changed out of my riding clothes
(too bad I couldn't have used the wash stall myself!)
and went back to Lexington for the evening fireworks at VMI.
I'm learning to sandwich my "barn time" 
in between other things 
and not try and wait for a free day.

And possibly more importantly,
I'm going by myself and not worrying if Joe can't come 
or if I don't have time to visit Sarge.

So she's got a reprieve.
There's no more talk for the present about selling....
she's too sweet.


  1. She is gorgeous, and it's good to hear that you are once again spending time with her. xox

  2. What a lovely trail ride on a beautiful horse. Dave and I had, and I have, loyalty problems...and is how I've ended up with 8 horses! I've decided there are 3 I'd like to sell and it's difficult, for a lot of reasons. So, I keep them, pasture ornaments and have provided for them upon my death.

  3. ooooh if you ever think about selling, for real... you hollar over to me!! not kidding! But seriously.. get back in the saddle.. it feels so darn good. And maybe, have them move closer to home. OR... home? ....


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