Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth Festivities 2014

Another Fourth of July in Lexington!  
I can't believe that this is my third time to see the festivities.

I missed the reading of the Declaration of Independence this morning,
but made it downtown in plenty of time 
to see the Children's Bike Parade.

Uncle Sam (Mark Cline) leading the way

Bikes, wagons, 
strollers and unicycles

Barb's grandson made his inaugural roll down Main Street
in style on his tricycle.
At the conclusion of the parade, 
there is free watermelon, hot dogs and ice cream for all the kids.  
On my way back to the car,
I noticed that a few riders had decided to forgo the free meal 
and stop in at the local pub.  
No need for bike chains in Lexington....
But isn't there a law against leaving your children 
outside while you're in a bar? 
Evening found us at the VMI parade grounds again this year....
where once again, Joe was in charge of the "inflatables";
there were four monster sized ones.
The fireworks were grand.....
Hope you had an equally fun day!  


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