Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cross Country Riding: Beautiful but not for me!

We went for a ride on Friday afternoon
after Joe's shift giving tours at the Chapel.

Did I fool anyone into thinking this is me on the gray horse?

No, no, no!
I doubt that Cloud could jump much more than an average sized log across the trail.  

I was a volunteer jump judge again for one of the  cross country days
 at the Virginia Horse Trials which was held in early summer.

Other than knowing how to operate a walkie talkie and a few basics,
jump judging consists mainly of staying alert and answering a few questions:
Did they get over it, refuse, circle around, get lost and miss it or fall off?

Once again this year, the weather cooperated and it was a clear, sunny, cool day.
Perfect for sitting out in a lawn chair and watching horses fly past.
I judged three different jumps over the course of the day.  
On average the horses go by every three minutes so there's enough time 
to make notes on the sheet, radio in the information 
and then get prepared for the next to come into sight.  

I took two photos while at this jump for the afternoon session.
I find it interesting to compare the positions of the two horses and riders.
Same jump but about a two second difference in the timing of the photo.
There were a few times that I held my breath and hoped that they made it across
when their approach left them a little short or at an odd angle

There's a cross country course at our barn
but you won't find either of us jumping! 
View of the warm up area


  1. What a gorgeous day. I wish I had taken jumping lessons when I was brave enough to try anything on horseback.

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