Friday, June 27, 2014

Old News: Music and Friends

A month's absence from the blog has me with a backlog of old news
and before I forget everything
there are some memories of fun and friends
that I want to commit to the "diary" aspect of the blog.

Even without the help of wine or hard liquor, 
I found myself dancing up a storm
at the Maurer Dance Party.
I'm a total klutz and have no rhythmn 
but the older I get, the less I worry about how I look.  

Maybe next year Joe will venture out onto the dance floor 
but he enjoyed talking, eating and watching his wife act like a maniac.   

The Village People made a brief appearance....
The costume contest was a hoot....
The judges for the dance contest were "blind" but we loved them anyway....
Ah life in a small town!  

On a much more serious musical note, 
we hosted Californians Rita Hosking, her husband Sean and their daughter 
for the night
when Rita performed at one of the Krantz music parties.  
The enjoyment of getting to know the artists is my true reward, 
but I've instituted a "fee" for staying the night from visiting musicians:  
a CD!

We've about worn out Rita's CD;
it's that good!
Give her a listen at  Here (American Agency/Rita Hosking)
Maybe it's rude to try and peg someone as "sounding like" another artist, 
but she's in the vein of EmmyLou Harris, Gillian Welch, Allison Krauss and Kate Wolf.

Other recent visitors have been Leigh Ann, Don and daughter from Tampa
(met in Charlottesville)
Pennie and Greg from Baton Rouge (here for lunch while passing through)....

And Ada who came bringing her beau Vern!!
Don't they look happy?  
What to do with these youngsters who find each other on the internet?!!
You know you're with a good friend when you wish them goodbye on the driveway at 10AM 
still wearing your pajamas and holding your morning coffee cup!
My mother would be so ashamed of me!  :)

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  1. When one lives in the country in Virginia, one may whatever they please when standing in one's driveway in the morning. Love those blind judges! What fun!!


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