Monday, June 23, 2014

I Come Bringing Flowers

Over a month since my last post??!!
How in the world did I let that happen?

I've got one dear son 
(Clark, whom I'll remember in my will) 
who has been asking repeatedly when I'm going to post again.

That familial interest helps balance the scales
for the son who once told me 
that he didn't have time to read the blog when I posted daily.  
That hurt! 
(But I still love you Owen!) 

I'll bring a vase of flowers as an apology 
for anybody who's been pining away for a post.

The wildflowers are spectacular this month....
Except for the three yellow yarrow, 
all of the flowers above were gathered from the edge of our woods and along our gravel road. 

Oxeye Daisies, Grasses,  Queen Anne's Lace, Viper's Bugloss (thanks Linda for the ID!), 
Clovers, Mallow etc....

I'm loving the pitcher I bought this month from Henry's Antique Shop.
A $12 bargain!
I do wonder about the woman who carefully painted it
(porcelain painting was a big hobby for ladies "back in the day").
I hope she'd be glad to know that it's being used and displayed again.
It has a hairline crack, but by slipping the flower frog into an open ziplock bag,
it's as watertight as I need it to be for flowers! 

Now that I've said hello,
it's time for good-bye!

I'm off for a walk on the road (ogling wildflowers), 
followed by dinner, an episode of Modern Family 
and then a cocktail on the porch while watching fireflies!  
Wish you could all join me!


  1. Now that's so I looked at the flowers, I thought, "Wow! Grace has wild yellow yarrow!" Then I continued reading...LAM...laughing at myself. Beautiful pitcher and pats on the back for Clark...what a good son!

  2. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful pitcher. I just love MODERN FAMILY!

  3. Nice to see a post with such lovely wildflowrs and the vase shows them off well and looks pretty by itself, a great find, Grace, the sitting outdoors with a glass of wind and watchung fireflies sounds good to me, not so much watching a Tv show as we are streaming fans and Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, and most recentky Acord TV are how we watch any commercials is a wonderful thing!


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