Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Travels

Spring arrived
and sadly I've got very few photos to prove it! 

Down at the end of the driveway,
the three newly planted Stellata Magnolias made it through the winter 
and rewarded us with a single bloom.  
Magnolia Stellata "Dr. Merrill"
I'm not complaining since I'm glad that they're alive!

Daffodils should be the state flower of Virginia.
Seriously they are everywhere in the spring!  
Mostly all faded away now, but what a show they put on while they were blooming.
I don't have any yet, but one day......
To prove that it isn't all roses and sunshine here in Paradise, 
I'll include this photo of yours truly on community cleanup day.  
Joe and I took command of 2 miles of roadway that we drive on the way to our house.
Twice a year, a local conservation group coordinates the volunteer effort, 
and provides vests to borrow and garbage bags.
What in the world possesses people to throw trash out of their car windows?
It's a mystery.

No photos of redbuds on the blog this spring
 because we missed the majority of them.
Kathleen, Owen and Joe
We were out in San Francisco!
We haven't done any traveling in ages,
but FINALLY we took a trip 
to see our favorite California son and daughter in law!

Part Two (and Three) to follow....


  1. Looks like those California skies were good to you... blue blue blue! Hope it was fun, and thanks for helping to clean up our roadways. I never understood the 'tossing the garbage out your car window' either!

  2. My theory on roadside trash is that it is from bears or raccoons rummaging in the cans we put out for pick up. Because people would never throw garbage out the windows.😀. Current theory.... Good for you picking it up. Your fav California son is proud of you!


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