Sunday, May 4, 2014

San Francisco Part Two

Four days sounded like a long time....
but it sped by.  

Now that Owen and Kathleen are proud owners of a condo
with an extra bedroom....
(our first son to have room for us to stay so we don't need a hotel room!!)
we may be able to see them more often.  

A few highlights were attending Easter Service 
within walking distance of the condo.
The Marin Farmers Market.... almost if not entirely local with hundreds of food vendors.  
Point Reyes where we did some shopping 
and I was in awe of  the selections at  local bookstore.....

The Japanese Garden in Golden Gate City Park

 Seeing Fortune Cookies made
and eating warm ones!
Ancient looking Fortune Cookie making machine.
(cookies are the flat discs that are folded while warm and placed in the holes of the tray to cool)
A visit to the famous Wok Shop!
Did I mention that we ate.... 
and ate and ate over our four day visit?

Dim Sum, Thai, Puerto Rican, Easter Ham, 
and lots of snacking!
Taking a break to snack in Chinatown!
Sausalito was a nice change from the big city...
I'm in the market for a new set of everyday dishes and Heath Ceramics
(made right there in Sausalito)
has been at the top of the list so it was nice to see it "in real life."

Guess we're sort of geeky, because we were fascinated 
by the Corps of Engineers Bay Model Exhibit.
A tiny section of the huge Bay Area Model.
Originally built for research, 
(imagine the usefulness of such a model pre-computer)

It spans over two acres inside of a several acre building on the waterfront.  
The tide simulation occurs every 14 minutes.... crazy!  
Golden Gate Bridge at the Bay Model Museum
We had a windy hike at Rodeo Beach.  
Owen was off duty, 
but can you believe that he get to see this scenery daily when he's patrolling the park?
Now we're home again in Virginia.

Good to go;
Good to see new sights;
but also good to get back home.

Isn't that the way traveling should always be?  


  1. I'll have to go back to see Part 1. Part 2 is super! I think San Fran is one of the most beautiful places in CA and Owen gets to see this every day!! Did you visit Mt. Tam?
    Also, we must be geeky too because models like that fascinate us.
    Our son lived on Half Moon Bay for a while. We loved visiting him!

  2. It looks like you had a great visit. I love eating my way through San Francisco. Or any big city with lots of choices, for that matter. It's a nice change from BuchananšŸ˜ƒ

  3. Missed several days of reading blogs and oh my came to visit yours, Grace, to see and read about your recent travels. We did our usual family visit circuit for a week at Easter. I preferred your choice of destination and a spare room is a great reason to visit again ( and again).


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