Sunday, May 18, 2014

Church of the Holy Garden

We haven't attended church in a few weeks.  
I'd prefer to lay blame on my schedule at the kitchen shop
since I've worked the four hour Sunday hours for the past three weeks.

But honestly the main reason has been interference from
"Church of the Holy Garden".

That's what I'm calling the front yard on Sundays!
We do have a saint out there...
St. Fiacre the patron saint of gardeners
came out of a box in the garage and finally found a new home in Virginia.

It wasn't until after we got the plants and really eyeballed the front beds  
that we realized that we still had a lot of prep work to do.

The metal edging has taken days longer than it would have in Louisiana....
Who'd ever think of needing a pick axe to get a little strip of metal a few inches in the ground?  
The rocks and shale are crazy!!

We're still working on amending and raising the beds 
We're on our 5th truck load of soil and compost so far....
unloading it one shovelful and one wheelbarrow full at a time!  
Maybe I should call it The Garden Fitness Center?!

Tempted as I am to just start planting, 
we decided to put on the brakes and get the soil right first.
I may as well give these beautiful things a good chance at thriving!
This is just a smattering of them....
I think I've planted about 40 and have another 40 or so to go.

The weather looks great for the coming week
so hopefully I'll do a grand reveal in a day or two.

We know the limits of our backs (and biceps) however....
Walter and Matt are back 
(much younger and stronger than us!) 
in order to build a low wall and walkway edging on the kitchen side of the house.  


  1. Oh how gorgeous! The more flowers the better, or so say the Garden Saints... LOL I have been wanting to add some statuary pieces to our yard and cannot find anyone in the area that sells it. Friends have purchased a great deal of pieces over the years and said they have to go to the Virginia Beach area to find it. Your saint is VERY nice!!

  2. Sounds like you need a Mule or Gator. You still have to shovel into it, but then you DRIVE to the spot you need the soil and use the dump bed. Way easier on the back, she said from experience! We are off to buy flowers ourselves. And I LOVE garden art. I keep asking for it, but...

  3. Worship does not have to be done in a building and being in a garden with nature is good too, Grace.


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