Monday, April 21, 2014

A Use For The Old Cruet Set

When Joe's mother passed away,
we inherited the old cruet set that she'd always proudly displayed in their dining room. 
There's not much need these days 
for having cruets of vinegar and jars of mustard 
placed on the table in a formal silver plate spinner. 
I doubt that it had been used in many, many years;
Joe was certain that his mother had never done anything with it besides polish and dust it!  

I took it away from her home in NY,
assuming that I'd list it on ebay. 
Then I learned that IF anyone bid on it at all, 
It might go for $10 max.

So I packed it away for a few years 
and then schlepped it up here from LA.  
It stood a pretty good chance of staying wrapped up in the drawer
until one of my crew inherited it from me
and had to deal with it!

Then Hallelulia, I was walking through an antique store and saw a use for it!!!

 We hosted a cocktail party for Joes Rotary group
and the old cruet set was the star attraction on the food table....
But not for sauces.....

With only a bare minimum of flowers 
(10 daffodils) 
It looked positively grand!

I'll never use it for its intended purpose 
but as a vase it's making me very happy.  
And now just maybe it won't be such a white elephant 
when the next family member inherits it!


  1. Lovely! And how creative of you!! They're perfect for gerber daisies!

  2. Re-purposing objects is always a great idea and now these family treasures have a new and more useful reason to grace your table.

  3. So cool!! I especially love that it holds the heirloom Van Sion (aka, Butter and Eggs) daffodils ... my favorite!!

  4. It's a beautiful set and adorable as a flower centerpiece. Personally, I'd use it for its intended purpose, too!


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