Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Complain?

We've had two more snows since I last posted.
 I'm most assuredly, 
NOT tired of it yet!

Judging from the bellyaching and complaining around town, 
I have a hunch that I might be the only one in the county 
to have such a welcoming opinion toward the white stuff!

Why??  It's undeniably beautiful and complaining won't make it go away! 
View toward Big and Little House Mountains
A routine walk down the road in the snow
changes my perspective so that it seems I've never been here before.
I can come home to an entirely new house!  

Everyday little things like a shoe print 
become tiny worlds of wonder with glittery flakes and ice crystals.

Not blogging doesn't mean there's been nothing happening,

Between the usual things like card games (bridge is still an addiction),
music (The Broadway Boys at W&L and The Honey Dewdrops at the Krantz'),
Newcomers activities (we definitely eat well!), 
and work (approx 2 days a week nowadays), 
I've found time begin and participate in plenty of new activities.  

First thing to announce is that I completed a training course to become a CASA volunteer.

CASA's are Court Appointed Special Advocates who volunteer for judges 
within in the court system and serve as voices/advocates 
for children removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect. 

For the last 7 weeks, it's been "scenarios" and simulated cases;
 yet to be seen is whether I can handle the mental/emotional challenges 
that will go along with the job in real life situations.
If I can curtail my natural urge to "fix" things and/or castigate someone I think is guilty, 
then I'm hopeful that it will be  a useful and challenging way 
to do something positive within my new community.

Stay tuned for more announcements of things past and present!
Tulip Poplar Limbs Against a Gray Snowy Sky 


  1. CASAs sounds interesting.... definitely something for someone who can stay somewhat neutral during all proceedings. Good luck with that. You'll do well.

  2. Yes, we're hearing a lot of moaning about the weather here, too. Mostly from my husband and I! ;) But within a few weeks, spring will be here.
    What a worthwhile program! Good for you.

  3. I've never heard of CASA but it sounds like a worthy endeavor!
    We're from NY, so if the snow is gone by May, we're happy. Although I am doing my happy-first-day-of-spring dance today : )

  4. You are not alone in enjoying the beauty of winter, Grace, as we do as well, but as you said most folks are wishing for spring and summer. But the way it goes, by mid summer heat, some may be wishing for winter cold again. There is no use to complain, but just enjoy the seasons, I agree.
    Thanks for the updates on all your activities and local events.

  5. Hi Grace, good for you, getting involved in CASA. I've often thought about it but know I lack the mental fortitude to keep from paying someone to, very privately, hurt someone who had hurt a child...or older person or animal or, come to think of it, anyone. Beauty is in winter, as in all the seasons, but, I confess, winter's beauty has worn thin. I am so cold and weary of fighting the snow, ice, winds and so weary of death. Spring is welcome here, the sooner, the better.


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