Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Again?? Playing in the Snow

After a series of warm springlike days, 
we awoke this morning to a gentle steady snowfall 
that continued all day.

I knew that snow was predicted but it was so warm yesterday 
that I thought it might be a false alarm.  
So far we've only gotten 2 inches; 
 and it's been melting from the roads and driveway as soon as it falls.
I wasn't scheduled to work today, 
so I baked some muffins and sipped coffee while watching it fall this morning.  

My limited snow experience as a child was obvious last week:  
My attempt to make a snow angel turned out to be a snow bat!  

I forgot about waving my legs!


  1. We got some of that snowfall too, Grace, but not aure there was enough to make a snow angel or bat. Ours was also pretty as we watched the large flakes coming down as we enjoyed coffee, sadly no fresh-baked muffins, but a loaf of bread baking in the bread machine.

  2. I like your angel. You have seen the worst Virginia winter in my adult memory!


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