Monday, February 3, 2014

What Happened to January?

Isn't it a good thing that my New Years resolution wasn't to blog daily??!!

Sometime at the beginning of January, 
I decided to take a short break from the blog.  

A month off seemed like a good idea 
but now I don't have a clue why I thought I needed a hiatus.  

What in the world was I thinking?  
Now I've sort of "lost" January!

Last night I was looking at a few posts from early in the life of the blog 
Seeing the old photos and re-reading my own words 
brought the purpose of blogging back into clarity.  

I'm blogging to help me remember this time in my life.

Occasionally I lose that perspective 
and I get caught up in wondering if family or friends are "out there" reading.
Our neighbors cows silhouetted against the Blue Ridge Mtns

Making the blog public means that I'm trying to find a balance between having a personal diary 
and that teeny tiny twinge of aggravating aspiration to "grow" the blog into something more.  

Nah…. I'll just keep carrying on!  


  1. Grace, doing something with your blog...some days I think, "Why am I not "doing something" with my blog?" and then realize...I am ding something. I'm encouraging people, giving them a shoulder to lean on, words of wisdom on Sabbath Keeping...sometimes the rewards are other-worldly -grin-.

  2. Hi Grace, again it was wonderful to visit with you and Joe recently and to see the finished house, which we loved! We really enjoy blogging, as you know, but never feel badly if life interrupts. January did go fast it seems to me too.

  3. I take a break when I don't have anything interesting to write about. If I thought I HAD to write every day then it would be a chore and not a creative outlet. I also hope people reading my blog will come try the B&B when in the area.


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