Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Value of Snowjacks

Hmmmm, what's that covering up part of the kitchen view?  
Some sort of cloud???

No, it's 4' long sheet of snow and ice
which has been doing a sloooooooow slide and melt 
over the past two days!
 There's no danger of this landing on our heads since we never walk under here.

It's been an eyeopener to see this and makes me SO glad 
that we installed snowjacks over all of the entrances and exits!  


  1. We learned about them in our last house, when monumental snow drifts and ice would cascade down in front of the doors because of the type of roof we had.

  2. It makes us worry about our gutter surviving. But so far, so good...she said as she knocked on wood.

  3. After reading this post, Grace, I had to go and look up what a snowjack is. Needless to say, we don't have any on our eastern shore home or I would have known better.

  4. Grace! I'm so glad my favorite people aren't going to get mowed down by ice and snow from above!!! Our roof is so steep that it doesn't collect. Yours looks so beautiful! I have a tree which has several branches which go up under the roof overhang. The other day when it was raining I saw a cluster of birds staying dry in a little pack on the branches, and I took a photo of it. No doubt it's happened before but I just never noticed it before. So sweet!


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