Thursday, February 13, 2014

If Only I Could Ski!

Part Two of the Crabtree Falls hike will have to wait.

Late yesterday afternoon,
it finally began to snow….
so it's time for snow photos!!!

I may have been one of the few in the County excited about the prospect of a BIG snow!
I've been feeling a bit cheated with our few measly snows since moving here, 
So todays 12 inches of glistening powder had me happy as a clam!  

I'll be upfront and admit that the generator
has a lot to do with my blasé attitude
toward the distinct possibility of a power outage.

During the midmorning break in the snowfall,
we went out for a walk
(or a trudge to be more accurate).
What I wouldn't give for a pair of  snowshoes!
What driveway??
Attagirl was in heaven!
Hurry Up!!
I guess the snow makes it easier to hear mice
because she loves to dive her head down into snowbanks!
The snow under the garage overhang was as deep as out on the driveway!
We certainly never needed a snow shovel in Louisiana!
The winds were strong enough that this section of the garage roof has NO snow
while the kitchen side of the house is heaped up well over 2 feet.
I don't think that Bernard, the Mini is getting out anytime soon!
Shortly after we got the porches shoveled  off,
we lit a fire in the fireplace
we were content to watch from indoors 
as it begin to snow heavily again and continued all day. 

It's about an hour before sunset and for the first time since yesterday, 
I can see the mountains and a few patches of blue sky,
so perhaps we've seen our last flakes.  

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  1. It was SUCH a perfect snow and we enjoyed seeing it fall. The pups could not really play in it until yesterday since it was too deep. Love that AttaGirl enjoyed it and YOU TOO! xox Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!


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