Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Big Rocky Row Creek Hike

One of my New Years goals for 2014
(I'm lousy at resolving to do things) 
was to start hiking so that I can see more of our beautiful Valley.

I've been starting out slow, but am making progress in my hill climbing stamina!

The Newcomer's Club has a group which meets weekly for hikes.  

Two weeks ago, Atta and I joined a short hike along the Blue Ridge Parkway
(which was closed due to snow)
and this week the hike was a section of the Appalachian Trail 
in Jefferson National Forest.  

We started near the James River Foot Bridge 
and went north along the AT 
alongside Big Rocky Row creek.
The snow was all melted on the trail, 
but the creek still had a gorgeous layer of ice and and snow along the sides.

These photos make it look colder than it was:  
I had on a light jacket and hat and was plenty comfortable.

John's Hollow Shelter,
an overnight camping spot on the AT,
was 2 miles in and our turn around spot
after a short break for snacks and a little visiting.  
Back at the parking area,
I quickly put Atta in the back of the Xterra 
and zoomed home.

Within 30 minutes of my return
I was due to have Pat, Dana and Barb over to play cards!
Hiking and bridge…. 
it was a great day here in paradise!  


  1. Nothing like going out to have fun with a deadline hanging over your head. Looks like it was a beautiful day.

  2. I love your blog exactly as it is! I'm jealous of your hiking group. Grace, you make me see my wonderful part of the world with fresh eyes!!! Bless you. Love, Linda

  3. I like the idea of "The Newcomers Club". We live in such a beautiful area to hike. Our second daughter will be stepping onto the AT to through hike very soon!.

  4. It DOES look cold. And more snow on the way Wednesday. Go to Kroger's and buy all the milk, bread, and water your car will hold. That is apparently how people celebrate snow around here. Or... Buy some Cheerios and make hot buttered Cheerios. That is how I celebrate a stay inside kind of day!


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