Friday, December 13, 2013

Our Advent Visitor

I spent the morning wrapping gifts 
and packing them into boxes 
to ship away to family who won't be with us for the holidays.  
I've said all fall and winter 
that I'd get that chore done way in advance.
But here it is right on the deadline 
and I was sorting, searching for tags and tissue
 and then standing in line at the Post Office with other procrastinators!
Some things never change.
After that we had an important errand to run:
we still needed to purchase a very important Christmas decoration!

Remember that trip to the airport last night?
Look who turned up to help us chose our tree and spend a week with us
as an Advent visitor!…..
Our handsome youngest son!
It's been a year since Joe's seen him and 10 months for me, 
so he's a sight for sore eyes!
Atta whined and carried on when he came in
and Noel greeted him within feet of the back door too. 
We did cut the netting off the tree,
but we won't be putting the ornaments on tonight 
since we've got other plans.

It's a grand time of year!  


  1. A visit from your son! I can't imagine a better Christmas gift : )

  2. For unto us a child has come home for the holidays! Yay for holidays that make the kids want to come for a visit!

  3. An early holiday present that doesn't come in a box or wrapped with bows or bought in a store...what could be better!

  4. Merry Christmas, what a wonderful gift you son gave you by coming home.


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