Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Festivities

Carter arrived via plane in Roanoke on Saturday 
and Asher via train in Charlottesville on Monday.

Although this was our smallest Christmas 
(re: sons/famly in attendance) in over 25 years, 
we still managed to have wrapping paper strewn everywhere 
and we surely contributed to a slight economic boost 
to Apple, J Crew, and numerous local businesses.

After eating breakfast in the den,
we moved on to opening the presents. 
…. And continuing to eat pound cake, shrimp mold and bourbon milk punch before lunch.
Grandaddy would have been proud of us!
It wouldn't be a normal Christmas without pets in the thick of things….

Not only did Santa bring Atta a gift, 
but her best buddy Murphy also gave her a new squeaky….

Joe seemed to like his new Sodastream….
And was totally delighted by Carter's gift of a favorite album from the 70's 
that he hadn't been able to get on CD.
Hmmmm…. me, I'm wondering if the title of that album is at all symbolic??
"Old and In the Way"

Opening Cathy's unexpected box of multiple gifts was like a delving into a little treasure chest….
so many thoughtful things including a warm toasty robe
and some Community Coffee to enjoy on the back porch…
(see the note written on the coffee bag?)

Every gift that I received from friends and family 
showed the thought and care that they took selecting them.
It may seem trite to say that I'm blessed,
but that's the truth.  

The best gift of all was seeing these two for a few days…..
The house is almost too quiet now…..
I'm slowly getting the sheets washed and the rooms put back in order.  
The decorations will be up until Twelfth Night 
and the wise men have begun their marches toward the stables in our various nativity scenes. 

Now that the festivities are mostly over, 
we're enjoying our new gifts that showed the love of friends…..
but also we're thinking often of old friends, new friends,
 loved ones near and far,
those alive and those have passed away, but who will always be in our hearts.
Seasons come and seasons go….
thankfully the memories linger on.  


  1. I love seeing photos of moms with their boys towering over them- so sweet! Happy New Year from Fincastle : )

  2. Grace, looks like wonderful time shared with family and with all of us. Surprise gifts that are thoughtfully selected are always the best

  3. Looks like you enjoyed a lovely Christmas. Ours was quiet this year -- our middle child was ill with flu, our DIL just had neck and back surgery, and our youngest (the horse trainer) was working...It was still a lovely Christmas.


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