Sunday, December 8, 2013

Anybody There?

There's nothing like the threat of not being able to be on the internet 
to get a wayward blogger back into action!

After numerous odd December days of warm temperatures, 
we're in for some winter weather today. 

Icy rain began to fall shortly after we awoke this AM; 
it's steadily drifting down and in the last hour has begun changing from pellets to flakes. 

And that means the satellite dish might soon fill up and cut our link with HughesNet!
So here I am trying furiously to decide what to write about
after a lapse in blogging of almost a month!

I'm still enjoying the job at the kitchen shop.

It was a shock one day last month 
when a shopper passing through town introduced herself 
and knew me from the blog! 
I was so surprised that I'm afraid I hardly knew what to say 
(something rare for me these days!).

Despite the holiday schedule, 
I'm sticking to my goal of  not being "too tired" after work 
to cancel any planned activities. 

But I admit there have been a few evenings 
when I've been thrilled to put my feet up after getting home 
and have Joe hand me a glass of wine!

We've seen several musical and dance performances at W&L 
and a colorful Fall too beautiful for my meagre descriptive words to do it justice. 

We've shared dinners with friends, lots of bridge games, 
walks in the woods, a few rides with the horses,
work on our trails, experiments in the kitchen 
and generally a peaceful month of quiet "normal" days. 

Is there a song or poem about "frost on the pumpkin"? 

Because it's definitely here!

Despite being under the covered porch, the snow has blown in on our glass table….

My plans for today are to stay inside and start a pot of soup, 
feed the fireplace wood as needed,
play Christmas carols, take away the pumpkins and decorate for Christmas. 

And of course marvel at the snow falling outside…..
still a thrill to this former Louisianan! 

I'd better hit publish before the snowflakes in the satellite dish hit critical mass! 

It's nice to be blogging again! 


  1. We are having the same weather here, and the temperatures continue to slowly fall. I think we started at about 32 this morning and it's now 28 degrees. Soup sounds good! Enjoy your wintry day. xox

  2. I love the snow when I don't have to drive to work!

  3. It's good to hear from the blog again. I just noticed that you still have a picture of the house from construction at the top of the blog! You should find a good up to date one!

  4. It was so nice, Grace, to check your blog today and see this updated post. Yes, sometimes life gets too busy to blog and that's OK. Wish we were getting some of the snow, but have had to settle for a lot of rain.your plans for the day sounded wonderful to me. We have been playing holiday music and watching our holiday movie collection each evening usually with egg nog or hot chocolate.

  5. The snow is still hanging on, hard to melt when it's 18F. Thank you for visiting when Sophie died; emotions are still raw.


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