Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Few Inside Christmas Decorations….

It was a busy day at the kitchen shop today.
When I walked out of the front door to head home, 
I was shocked that the temperature had dropped to below freezing.
There's no snow but it's windy and cold!!

The old Hoosier hutch was our first furniture purchase as a couple.
We used it as a pantry when we were newlyweds,
as the cookbook storage and baking center in the LA house 
and now it's our "drop zone" for mail etc.
Look what came in the mail today!  
A present!  
(Thanks Cathy!!)  

In the den, the stockings are hung….
Why is it that Noel has what might be the largest stocking on the mantel?  

I had to do some tweaking 
but at last the stair garlands 
fit the bends and sections of the new stairs.  

We've always set up our nativity scene so that it changed with the days of Advent….

Joseph and a pregnant Mary (no there can't be a baby before Christmas!)
are currently roaming around 
and not anywhere near the empty stable yet.
The shepherds are busy out in the field 
and the cattle and horses have the stable pretty much to themselves.
The wise men will start edging toward the stable (from the east) after Christmas day, 
but until then they're out of sight in the cabinet.

 I admit it's kind of quirky that Mary has a Bernese Mountain Dog pulling a milk cart and no donkey!  

And now it's time to hop in the car and make the 90 minute drive to Charlottesville,
because we're picking up a pre-holiday visitor from the airpot!  

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  1. Wow, it was worth the wait on the front porch, Grace, to some inside and see all the decorations. The stockings hung (with care, of course) by the fireplace and even the cat has one! You are sure to be making many happy holiday memories in this wonderful and warm setting. Hope the ride to and from the airport is safe.


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