Monday, November 4, 2013

Woods Trail Update

No photos of the house landscaping yet!    

I feel like I'm bouncing around like a pinball this week, we had the best intentions of getting the last plants in the ground, photos taken and the witch down off the telephone pole today, but a morning visit to see the horses stretched out longer than we'd expected. 

When we finally left the barn, I threw another monkey wrench in our plans by stopping by a couple of stores in Staunton and before we knew it we'd been gone from the house for over 7 hours.  

And thanks to the time change, it's pitch black dark now at just a few minutes after 6.  Oh well.

So here are some photos of our work two weeks ago on the woods trail.  

We're branching off from the original loop trail and aiming toward the back of the property now.  This section is a dense thicket of privet, brambles, autumn olive and downed trees from last year's derecho.  It makes our earlier trail work seem child's play…. this is some hard going!

Tools of the trade:  safety googles, gloves, boots, weedeater with brush blade, chain saw and loppers.  
Oh and a smile!

To go even a few feet, requires clearing away the undergrowth with the brush blade and loppers. so that the chain saw can be used on the bigger downed trees.  
Cutting downed trees

"After" photo from the same point as photo #1.
Taking a break to study which way to go…..
Working around a  beautiful boulder….
The "Sylvester Rock"
It was a hard fought 25 yards and thankfully the whole trail won't be this bad.
Looking back at our progress


  1. Yay for progress. Other required equipment...OFF! Keep the little critters at bay. Or invent Frontline for people?


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