Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Methodist Humor?

I've never mentioned the small country church across from our property.  

If it seems unusual to have a church 
on a gravel dead-end lane 
then it helps to know that many years ago
before the construction of Rt. 11 
our lane was THE main north/south road
in the county!

We did think of the incongruity back in early October…..

Really we did.....
Here's hoping that Methodists have a sense of humor!
(especially since we procrastinated and left her up for a full week after Halloween!)


  1. I don't believe that Methodists are know for their senses of humor....but you never can tell...you certainly do live in a pretty place. Traffic jam on Sunday mornings?

  2. As with any church, some have a sense of humor and some don't. My Aunt would get a kick out of the juxtaposition of witch and steeple!

  3. oh, that's too funny! and i like the little church.

  4. How funny! Hello Methodists!!" LOL

  5. it's a beautiful church and some would laugh while others would not. it's all good.

  6. Does the church hold regular services?


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