Monday, November 11, 2013

Let the Watering Begin!

There will be lots of perennials to plant in the spring, 
but the front beds are all finished for this winter.  
There's been no rain and the rocky soil doesn't hold moisture well 
so we're watering every few days….
that should be a bundle of fun when the temperatures drop this week!  

Walter and Matt worked hard on trying to get the trashy rocky clay 
that had been compacted and treated as a dumping ground during construction 
to be at least a little more friable.  
I'd expected the soil to be bad, 
but it was much worse than I could have imagined.  
Under the mulch, it was a mess….. 
Ready to plant…. yes there are still no curtains!

They planted the trees and we tackled the shrubs.  
Even after all of the soil amending, 
we found ourselves using a pry bar and pick to get through the rock in some places.  

Grow, grow, grow!!!  
Or at least don't die! 


  1. I'm so glad you showed this, because I always want to look but am afraid to, going around that blind curve in the road! Very pretty! And I can testify to the quality of the soil - I've switched to raised bed gardening. I admire your green thumbs! And the church members loved your witch! Who couldn't love it?!! But warn Santa, as the kids might be upset if he got stuck on that pole!!!!!!!!!!!


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