Saturday, October 19, 2013

Will Work for Plants

The floodgates have opened and I've officially fallen off the wagon.  After two years of self imposed exile from gardening, I'm back in the game!

On Friday we headed over to Staunton to look at a Japanese Maple (Note:  A single maple) that Faith had told me might be a good one for the front bed.  The front beds are about to be tilled and prepped with compost etc, so if the weather is cooperative, I'll have plants around the house next week!

I'm not purchasing the plants for the plan because I don't have access to wholesale prices so I'm leaving that up to Faith V.   Plus I'm better off leaving the decisions up to her because she's leagues ahead of me with her plant knowledge and design skills.

But in the meantime, there was this one maple that I needed to go see about.

Chris Lockhart the owner of the nursery was very helpful and knowledgable over at Staunton Plant.  He must have thought I was a total nut, but he was supremely patient.

I got the Maple.  Well actually I got not only one Japanese Maple, but two.  

And a Whitespire Birch
and a Sourwood
and a Vitex.  
And two Sweetbay Magnolias and three Magnolia Stellata, and that was just the trees!

Knowing that I might get swept along by the whole heady experience,
we went prepared not only with the truck but also with the 2-horse trailer!

A horse trailer can hold a lot of plants!

I managed to fit in 32! 


Faith and Walter will be bringing a trailer load of plants for the plan next week....
these are just lagniappe that I'll put "somewhere."

Joe who normally acts as my anchor (i.e. voice of reason), was as happy as I was at the prospect of plants around the house, so he was of NO help protecting the checking account at all!

In fact he was lobbying for a 10' sugar maple that I managed to resist!
Truly I exercised a LOT of self control!

When I started the part-time job at the kitchen shop, 
I said that I'd use my paycheck to pay for travel expenses for the kids to come at Christmas.  
Now I'm thinking that I'll work for plants!  


  1. oh, she's back and bad! :) and i want a vitex!!!

  2. Check those out! Wow. They will be beautiful, I'm sure. Happy planting!

  3. So you filled the trailer and the back of the truck? And these were the extra, non-planned plants? You did fall off the wagon. Good for you. No point working to pay bills or anything!

  4. Looks like your family will be footing their own travel expenses come holiday time, Grace. But, by then you should have a great start on your backyard forest.

  5. Every time I drove by, in the cold and the gale force winds, I shivered for the planters and the plants. Did you wait for winter weather to do this to those poor planters, or is planting while it's still gorgeous out not as good for starting to put things in the ground? Or, maybe you were as surprised as we were that all at once it went from lovely out to dark and cold? Joe, I'm going to plant a sugar maple (I've been saying that for years), but now I know I'll plant it where you can see it, too!


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