Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mudroom Closet Storage!

Another thing off the "punch" list!

The closet in the mudroom has some awesome double doors that have looked like they'd have an equally neat closet inside of them.

But until recently it's been an empty closet.


Sad, very sad to have such a grand space sitting empty.

Before we could start with the shelving installation,
I had a harebrained idea to use a leftover roll of wallpaper
from the hall bathroom of the old house along the back wall.

I'll brag about my painting abilities,
but a wallpaper hanger I am most assuredly NOT!

And when it comes to hanging 11' strips,
my meager skills become hugely taxed,
so papering only the back wall as an accent
was as much as I wanted to do!

The long"crawfish" table from Sam's makes a good wallpaper  table!
The finished project!

We hashed over many options for fitting out the closet but in the end came back to our old standby
and used Elfa closet systems from the Container Store.

It enabled me to have an area for tall tools,
a niche for coiling up the central vac hose and space for the rolling mop bucket
to be just the way I wanted it.

Having the cleaning tools and dog supplies organized again has made me SO happy!

And the wallpaper is a little touch of the old house brought to Virginia!


  1. looks FAR too organized for me to recognize it. :)

  2. Wow. Those doors could be entry doors, they are so beautiful. And that closet? I am so jealous.

  3. After reading the post about the wallpaper hanging and then seeing it in the closet, Grace, my first reaction was that you can hardly "see" it for everything that's now there. You might need a larger closest in the future.


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