Saturday, October 5, 2013

High Flying on the Hill

I packed up more than a few strange things when we moved;
some that I wasn't sure that we'd ever use again.

But the other day, I got into the Halloween storage tub 
and unpacked the ratty black sweat pants and turtleneck.

Then we drove to the edge of our property and set up a worktable on the tailgate.

We needed a pair of gardening gloves....
I sacrificed my old red rubber boots for the cause.
Luckily, I'd packed up the old witches hat and mask!

Time to recreate one of our best Louisiana Halloween decorations!

You need a tall ladder to make a high flyer....
A high flying witch!
 Definitely T-boned the pole!
 Just thought we'd add a little to the beautiful scenery out here on the hill!


  1. that's really cute - especially since you put her high on the pole. :)

  2. I crash like that every time I get on my broom! Great looking witch. Hahaha

  3. What a fun decoration, Grace, and a great sacrifice of your old red boots as they added just the right fashion touch and a bit of color to this high flying witch. Hope she likes her new home state!

  4. How fun is that! I wish we had had people that would see decorations. It's no fun to do it just for ourselves. Maybe when the B&B is up and running...

  5. That is absolutely darling!!! I bet that ought to get quite a few laughs!!!

  6. That is fantastic! My husband thinks that you need to add a cell phone to one hand and a warning sign "Don't Text and Fly!"

    1. Hi Lisa! That's a great idea!!! maybe we'll try that next year to make her more of a modern witch! I tried to reply directly but couldn't a since you're a "no-reply comment" status, so I hope you see this. Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  7. sure to make folks laugh and we ALL need to laugh MORE!

  8. Love seeing this, checking out ideas for next year. Thanks!


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